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Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab is a Greek coffee production and franchise company with a constantly expanding network of 170 stores in Greece and abroad. Innovation is not only an integral part of the company’s overall “next day” philosophy, which the company faithfully follows, but also a guiding principle in its decision-making regarding the digital transformation of its daily operations and the enhancement of its digital skills. In this context and with the goal to enhance the shopping experience and communication between the company and its network of franchisees while automating all B2B sales operations, Coffee Lab chose SoftOne’s new innovative SHOPRANOS platform for implementing its B2B e-shop. The implementation was carried out in collaboration with “Revival Consulting Services S.A.”

Shopranos, through a quick implementation, created for Coffee Lab a B2B e-shop with automated 24/7 ordering, eliminating errors and delays, being capable of meeting all the requirements of the franchise network.

Coffee Lab

Stelios Roumeliotis, CEO of Coffee Lab

The innovative capabilities of the SHOPRANOS platform automated the entire ordering cycle for Coffee Lab’s franchisees. The website is fully interconnected with Coffee Lab’s central computer system to update automatically the data on customers, stocks, price lists, and discounts. Additionally, Shopranos has significantly improved service levels provided to franchisees by facilitating seamless communication and enabling 24/7 shopping. Coffee Lab’s B2B e-shop operates securely from any device while smart sales dashboards and integrated Google Analytics ensure effective real-time management.